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As a Portuguese Nationality Lawyers team we've been practicing immigration law during the last 15 years. This service mainly guides the portuguese diaspora and worldwide clients to apply for the Portugal Citizenship and serves all who have requests to submit cases, have pending files, general doubts on the law or simply want to follow-up cases of citizenship.

What we offer
We describes and consult on the main requirements for obtaining Portugal Passport and an ID card - also known a citizen card - which is the proof you actually hold the the Dual Portugal Citizenship. It is important to understand if you may qualify and then the correct way to apply. It is allowed dual nationality by law, so, it is possible to have two or more passports and being a citizen of two or more countries.

What are the recent updates
For the past 2 years the government has been issuing new laws and allowing more candidates to qualify. Because of this it's important to be updated on the Portuguese Nationality law and not less important to track the submission of the file using a dedicated law professional that is specialized on Immigration Law and is located near the administration office.

Way forward
Whether you're a descendant of origin, an entrepreneur, or a company looking to migrate workers, to obtain the Portugal Citizenship following the law requirements can open up a world of exciting possibilities. So let's dive in and discover why this may be the destination for your second passport or to reconnect with your ancestry as a descent, if this is your case.

Find out how and when you might be able to apply for Portuguese citizenship by reading the following sections:, or continue reading:

Portugal Nationlity Law and the last numbers

The main text of Portuguese Citizenship law requirements originates from Article 4 of the fundamental principles at the Constitution. There have been several legal changes, with the most significant being the 1981 Law. This legislation notably facilitated the path through descent (jus sanguinis). Presently, the primary avenues on how to obtain it include: Descent or birth, Naturalization wich requires a residency period typically spanning five years. Marriage or de facto union and finally Portugal Citizenship by Investment. To obtain a Passport is often compared to get the Permanent Residency. While similarities exist between the two categories, Portuguese Citizenship Law offers additional benefits, including the right to participate in all elections and the entitlement to a passport and citizen card. In 2022, approximately 46,230 foreigners obtained the Passport. Among them, 20,844 were residents, while 25,385 resided abroad. The majority arrived from Brazil, Israel and India.

The submissions of applications are handled at the Institute of Registries and Notaries, which belongs to the Ministry of Justice.

How to discover the Portugal Citizenship requirements?

Before discussing  the different requirements, it's critical to understand the main portuguese nationality laws that compose the acquisition of the Passport. The principle of jus sanguinis is considered, meaning that the birth certificte is primarily determined by descent. The result for this is that if you have portuguese parents or grandparents, you may be eligible for citizenship, even if you were not born in Portugal. It is also allowed as requirements the acquisition through marriage and naturalization, which we will explore further in the upcoming sections. It's important to note that dual citizenship is recognized, meaning that you can hold the two or more passports from another country. This allows individuals to benefit from the advantages and opportunities that come with the Passport while maintaining their existing rights.

Portuguese Nationality law eligibility and criteria update 2024

1. by birth

Portugal Citizenship law by birth allows people born within the territory, or to those who were born outside but have at least one parent who was born here to apply. If you were born in here, you are automatically a national by birth. If you were born outside of Portugal but one of the parents was born in here, then you are also eligible for Portugal Citizenship by birth.

2. by Descent - through portuguese Parents or Grandparents

One of the most straightforward ways to get Portuguese Passport is through your parents or grandparents. This is called by descent, and it’s possible for people who have at least one parent or grandparent who was born in here.

3. by Marriage

Passport by marriage is a route to that allows to become a citizen based on the marriage to a citizen. This route is only available if you have been married to your spouse for at least 3 years, and your marriage is registered in the system.

4. Route (Residency)

If not eligible for nationality by birth or descent, then you may be able to apply for citizenship through naturalization. To qualify for this route, you must be able to prove that you have been living legally and uninterruptedly for at least five years before applying. It is also needed to be able to demonstrate proficiency or knowledge in the language and knowledge of culture. To prove your language proficiency, you must pass a language exam at the CIPLE A2 level. The exam tests your ability to use basic vocabulary and grammar structures in everyday situations. The new citizenship law of 2024 allows the total counted time to be started from submission of the residency request at year 0 instead of waiting for the final residence card. This alows savings on the total time spent to get the passport.

5. by Investment

Citizenship by Investment or golden visa is one of the most popular route to citizenship. It is one of the fastest route to residence, with only a few months of processing time and a quick entry point to the legal entry and stay.

Either you would like to reconnect with your ancestry, enhance your global mobility, expand for business opportunities, enjoying the benefits of living in multiple countries or settling down , dual citizenship and nationality may be the perfect solution for you by getting a passport.

» Passport based on ancestry

Passport based on parents or grandparents

» Double nationality

Portugal as a second passport

» Passport by marriage

Get the citizenship based on marriage to your spouse
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Why getting the Portuguese Citizenship?

To those who meet the requirements criteria, it carries multiple benefits, one of which is the ability to travel and work freely within the European Union in possession of a passport. There are several categories into which a case for obtaining citizenship can fall. This website describes the various routes of eligibility and requirements for passport citizenship. Feel free to use this website as your legal guide on how to prepare a successful application. Citizens have the right to enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 184 countries being one of the most widely accepted without visa restrictions imposed on others.

Processing time for portuguese nationality

The massive increase in interest in obtaining can affect how long the process takes on the  processing time. An improperly prepared application to the relevant  authorities causes needless delay and an increase in the processing time. The recent increase in numbers lead to some cases to be waiting for conclusion for more than 3 years waiting time which lead to clients to request urgency on the files pending. To request for urgency on a citizenship case there must exist reasons to justify it. Some of them are accepted others are not considerem. A claim must be made to see if there is a chance to bypass the line. There are several routes of citizenship types that may currently be submitted online with the help of a Citizenship Lawyer. Later you would be able to track your application using an online system, gaining instant updates on your application and getting the process status. This recent online submission in 2024 decreased processing times and we've been observing some reductions.

Process status

Our team has extensive experience in this field and works closely with central registries, such as Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais and Conservatoria dos Registos Civis.As claims are submitted to our office, we issue a digital receipt stamped with the date of submission. The client can track the case and follow it to the conclusion. In most circumstances, the result is the successful attainment of a  passport and citizen card.In a preliminary analysis, which ascertains the appropriate legal path toward citizenship, all details and documents must be carefully analyzed by an experienced professional to make sure you meet the requirements, and a strategy for the whole family must be established from the start. Applications are sometimes delayed or denied, despite a legitimate claim, because people with little to no knowledge of the law fail to seek expert assistance.

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