Request the SNS’s number; Utente Number

Request the SNS’s user number; Utente Number

Here you can find out what you need to do to request the SNS (National Health Service) user number. Foreign citizens with legal residence status  in Portugal can request a user number and apply for it.People with a Citizen Card do not need to request a user number, as this number that identifies them in order to receive health care is indicated on the back of the Citizen Card. You can check yours to see if you have it. If you’re an EU citizen, EU Residence card. If you’re from outside the EU, you should use your residency card instead. The latter will be the situation for anyone moving to Portugal with the D7 Visa or the Portugal Golden Visa.If you’re still waiting for your SEF appointment to get this card, then you could also try showing proof of the appointment booking.

When can you request the sns’s user number?

A foreign citizen may request the SNS’s user number when he/she has a legal residence.What are the documents and requirements to request the sns’s user number?

If you are a foreign citizen living in Portugal, you must submit the following documents:residence permitTax Identification Number (tax card).

What is the price to request the sns’s user number?It is free of charge.How request the sns’s user number?

Go to a health centre with the following elements:a valid residence permit issued by the Immigration and Borders ServiceTax Identification Number (tax card)If you hold a Citizen Card, you don't need to request the SNS’s user number. All you need to do is present your Citizen Card to access health care in the National Health Service units.

1. Find your local health centerUse Google Maps to locate the Centro de Saúde (health center) that’s nearest to your registered address in Portugal. It’s important to go to the nearest one, because the healthcare system works according to geographical area. If you go to the wrong health center, they’ll probably send you away.

2. Gather your documentsYou’ll need to bring the following documents along to the Centro de Saúde:Passport,Proof of residency,NIF number (on the original document from Finanças),Social Security number (if you have one; you probably won’t if you’re not employed in Portugal),Portuguese phone number (they normally won’t accept a foreign one).

3. Go to the Centro de SaúdeHead to your local health center to make your application. You’ll probably need to take a ticket and wait for your number to come up. The employee handling your application will ask you several basic questions. They may speak some English, but be ready to use Google Translate on your phone if necessary. It’s a good idea to prepare several key phrases in Portuguese, to smooth things over and make the process easier.

4. Get your SNS numberAfter checking all your documents, the employee at the Centro de Saúde will print a paper showing your new health number. That’s it – you’re officially part of the Portuguese public health system!5. Schedule a health check upThis step is optional, but the employee who handles your application will probably encourage you to do so. It normally involves basic checks of blood pressure, height, weight, and so on. You can always come back and do it at a later date.

Private Medical Insurance in Portugal

Many foreigners in Portugal prefer to have private medical insurance, to get faster waiting times and better access to English speaking doctors.Insurance cover could be either with a Portuguese provider or an international provider. The Portuguese options will typically be a lot cheaper when compared to the international ones.Local private health insurance is usually the best option, unless you frequently travel abroad. In that case, you should consider an international health insurance plan.Popular international health insurance providers:

Cigna Global
Allianz Care
William Russel
Remote Health

Portugal’s private healthcare network typically offers shorter wait times, better facilities, a broader range of options, and fewer language barriers. Although there are many English-speaking doctors in major cities and touristic towns, that’s not always the case in more rural areas. Getting private coverage can give you better access to English-speaking medical professionals. Popular Portuguese health insurance providers:


Important phone numbers for healthcare in Portuga lEmergency number in Portugal: 11224-hour medical advice line (Saúde 24): 808 24 24 24

    FAQs: How to Get an SNS Number in PortugalIs healthcare free in Portugal?

    Healthcare in Portugal is not entirely free. You normally have to pay a small fee (around €5) to access GP appointments, along with fees for various kinds of treatment, and prescription medication.

    Can I get private healthcare in Portugal?

    Yes, you can get private healthcare in Portugal in addition to being part of the public healthcare system. You may find this useful if you have pre-existing conditions. There are private hospitals in all major cities in Portugal. Private healthcare also offers the benefits of reduced waiting times and a higher number of English-speaking healthcare professionals. It’s best to get a private health insurance plan to cover these costs.

    Portuguese private health insurance is relatively affordable compared to international plans.

    How much does private health insurance cost in Portugal?

    Costs for private health insurance in Portugal vary a great deal depending on the level of coverage, your age, and your personal health situation. You normally need to either fill out a health questionnaire or undergo a health check before receiving an accurate quote.

    Can foreigners get health insurance in Portugal?

    Yes, all foreign residents in Portugal can get private health insurance, along with access to Portugal’s public health care service (Serviço Nacional de Saúde).