D2 Residence VISA

D2 Residence VISA for non-european union citizens

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The D2 visa makes part of the immigration law since 2007 and is also commonly known as:

1. D2 visa to Portugal
2. Portugal enterpeneur visa
3. Portugal company opening visa

Who can apply To the D2 visa?

Those who wish to perform an investment operation through financial means available in Portugal, including financing obtained from a Portuguese financial institution.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Portugal.
Entrepreneurs who already have a business in their country of origin and would like to open a branch in Portugal.
Self-employed persons – independent or liberal professionals who want to work in Portugal and already have a work contract or a written work proposal.
Freelancers and digital nomads can also apply, if they prove that they offer differentiated services that are relevant to the country.

How to qualify for the D2 visa

In order for the D2 Visa to be successfully granted, the evaluators consider the conditions and the potential of the company’s contribution to the country. You must prove your organization’s value and present the following elements:

Declaration of Investment
A declaration that you have made or intend to make an investment in Portugal, indicating its nature, value, and duration. The Visa application will be assessed by considering, namely, the economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevance of the investment, not to mention the creation of jobs in Portugal which will count heavily in your favour.

Business Plan

A structured business plan that will be reviewed for its social, economic, and cultural impact. This plan should prove that your business will thrive and lead to economic growth.

Personal Financial Means
Proof that you have the financial means to live in the country for a year, regardless of your business’ income. You, as the main applicant, must have 100% of the minimum annual salary which is €9,870. A spouse, requires an additional 50% of this value (€4,935) and for each dependent child, you must add 30% more (€2,962). Therefore, a couple with one child would need around €17,767 a year to be eligible for the D2 Visa.

Health Insurance
You will be required to have comprehensive, EU-wide health insurance cover, both for you and for any dependent applicants. Upon receiving your residence card, you will have access to the Public Healthcare System.

Tax Representative
Non-EU citizens applying for the D2 Visa are legally required to appoint a Tax Representative in Portugal or choose to be notified by the Portuguese Tax Authority through the tax authority portal (Portal das Finanças) or through an official electronic mailbox (v.g. Via CTT).

Company Set Up
Proof that you have set up a company operating in Portuguese territory or that you have the financial resources in Portugal that demonstrate you can set up a company in Portugal.

Financial Capacity
Demonstrate that you have the financial capacity to sustain your company and that it is viable during the time you intend to live in the country.

Share Capital
This is an initial capital that ensures that the company can function, even if it’s not making profits. In Portugal, small companies have an average social capital of €5,000, a reference value to consider in your application

What are the benefits of the D2 visa?

Free Circulation
Permanent free entry and circulation in the Schengen Space, comprising 26 European countries.

Live in Portugal
Freedom to live in Portugal and, if so wished, to have a professional activity in this country.

Tax Benefits
Option to become anon-habitual resident of Portugal for tax purposes (little or no tax for 10 years).

Resident's Rights
Access to other Portugal residents’ rights, such as education, healthcare, social security.

The application procedure:

The Portuguese consular missions and consular sections with jurisdiction within the area of the applicant’s current residence have the legal power for granting the D2 visa.
The deadline for the decision of the Portuguese consulate on the visa application is 60 days since an application with all forms and documents needed are submitted.

The consular service in charge must request a legal binding opinion, after the submission of the file from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Police (SEF).

When an answer is obtained you will be requested to handle your passport to the embassy and new visa will be stamped on one of the pages of your passport.

To be able to apply for the D2 visa we support clients in preparing a successfull aplication by dealing with the bureocracy of the paperwork and making sure it's according to the guidelines before submitting.

We will guide you through all paperwok needed, forms to fill and tax number to Portugal and Bank account / rental or property purchase.

Type and validity of the visa

The D7 visa is a residence visa that is intended to enable the holder to obtain a residence permit in Portugal. In this context, the visa is valid for two entries and entitles the holder to remain in Portugal for a period of 4 months, while the applicant waits in Portugal for a final resident permit issued by the immigration department.

First step:
the local consulate stamps a temporary D2 visa on your passport
Second step:
the applicant travels to Portugal on that’ D2 temporary visa and waits for the final visit to the immigration department to convert the temporary visa to a final D2 residence visa.

Residence permit

The D2 visa enables the respective holder to obtain a residence permit in Portugal for a period of one year, which can then be renewed for successive periods of 2 years and can be converted into a permanent residence permit after 5 years.

To be able to convert and apply for the final D2 visa the applicants will need to visit the immigration department in person in order to collect fingerprints and photos and in order to deliver the original documents previously shown at the local embassy.

After this visit the Residence Visa card is mailed to the Adress of your choice. The first card will have a validity of 1 year.

Family Reunification

Members of the family of the holder of the residence permit obtained via a D2 visa are also entitled to a residence permit, based on family reunification statute.

Resident’s rights

Without prejudice to the application of special provisions and other rights provided in the law or any international convention to which Portugal is a party, the holder of a residence permit shall be entitled to, without the need for a special authorization regarding his or her foreign status, the following:

  1. Access to the National Health Service care;
  2. Acess to the Portuguese National Education Service and schools;
  3. Exercise of any work activity as an independent professional;
  4. Acess to Portuguese Vocational schooling, initial and further professional training and retraining;
  5. Access and protection from the Portuguese Law and legal system.

To submitt the application:

  1. Application form (available in SEF’s website);
  2. Passport or other valid travel document;
  3. Two identical passport size photos; with blank background, and easily identifiable;
  4. Valid travel insurance, with coverage for all medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  5. Application for Criminal Record consultation by Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF);
  6. Certificate of criminal records issued by his/her home country of origin or the country where the applicant resided for more than one year;
  7. Proof that the applicant has adequate accommodation - by either buying, renting or borrowing a property;
  8. Proof of health insurance coverage;
  9. In the case of a freelance professional the copy of a contract and, if applicable, proof of professional qualifications; or, in the case of an entrepreneur, the business plan and proof of either having made the investment, or of having access, in Portugal, to the necessary funding to do so.

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