Apostille Services

Apostille Services

The Apostille Service is usually requested by individuals who have or had a relationship with Portugal and who need any kind of documents to be considered as legal in another country, that recognizes the Apostille the Hague. It is mandatory to have the documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, university documents, property documents) legalized so they can be recognized as valid and may be accepted.

What services does the office provide?

The office is able to perform search, obain your document, translate it, make the Apostille.

What are the fees associated with the service?

There is a fee for the Apostille and other for the foreign affairs. Translations are charged per word / page.

How can I know if the country where i need to see the document apostille belongs to the convention?

The countries who recognize the Apostille the Hague Convedntion can be found here.

Does the office needs the original documents to perform the task?

The original document is needed in order for the task to be performed.

How long does the service take?

The turnaround time is aproximalty one week.

How are the documents returned? Is it safe?

It is used a courier service with tracking capability, so we can be sure important documents are not lost.