Portuguese Citizenship based on Marriage

Acquisition of the portuguese nationality

Portuguese nationality can be acquired by original assignment, which is recognized at the date of birth or by acquisition, which will produce effects from the registration date.

By acquisition, it is possible to acquire the Portuguese nationality by wish effect, by adoption or by naturalization.

By wish effect the acquisition of Portuguese nationality is granted to:

  1. Minor children or incapacitated whose father or mother acquires the Portuguese nationality;
  2. Individuals who are married* or cohabitating** with a Portuguese citizen, for more than three years, provided it is judicially recognized.

* In case of marriage, by means of a statement made during marriage.

** In case of cohabitation, after action of recognition of this situation to be filed in the civil court.

The foreigner married to a Portuguese national can acquire a Portuguese nationality, by indicating the rendering of effect, in accordance with the following provision:

  1. Married more than three years;
  2. Active connection to the national community;
  3. Not to have committed a punitive crime with a prison sentence equal to or greater than the second year, according to Portuguese law (eg Homicide, physical offense, robbery, theft, drug trafficking);
  4. Not be a civil servant of a foreign State;
  5. Not to have rendered military service, not compulsory, to a foreign State.