Portuguese nationality for minors and Children

Minors and children with one portuguese parent

The Portuguese nationality is granted to

  1. Minor children or incapacitated whose father or mother acquires the Portuguese nationality;

We can help in claiming your right to ask the portuguese citizenship for minors to your minor children.

It is recommended that to register your minors you do first the marriage registration.

There is a difference if the minor was born before or after the parents have obtained the citizenship.

What are the needed documents to obtain the citizenship for minors?

Step 1 – Registering parents marriage – necessary to show minor was born from married parents.

Step 2 – Registering minor birth

  1. Portuguese Birth Copy – obtained from the Portuguese authorities
  2. Marriage Certificate with apostille
  3. Birth certificate with apostille of the non-Portuguese Parent
  4. Power of attorney on the office template format
  5. Passport copy for both parents
  6. Birth Certificate of the minor with apostille
  7. Passport Copy
  8. Power of Attorney on the office template format
  9. Parents registered marriage copy (obtained on Step 1)