Blue Card

In accordance with Directive 2009/50 / EC on the conditions of entry and residence of non-EU nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment, the purpose of the Blue Card is “to contribute to achieving these objectives and to fill the labor shortage by encouraging admission and mobility – for the purposes of highly qualified employment – of third-country nationals for periods of more than three months in order to make the Community more attractive to such workers and competitiveness and economic growth.”

Therefore, if you are a highly-skilled worker and have a promise of contract to a Portuguese company based on highly-skilled job, the Blue Card is a good opportunity to get a residence card to Portugal.

documents required To apply for a Blue Card

  1. Application delivered personally, (on a standard form) signed by the applicant
  2. Two recent, identical coloured photographs, with blank background, and easily identifiable
  3. Valid residence visa (except for persons with legal residence in National Territory), or Blue Card granted by an EU Member State
  4. Passport or any other valid travel document
  5. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence
  6. Proof that the applicant has adequate accommodation
  7. Certificate of criminal record issued by the country of origin or by the Member State that granted the EU Blue Card
  8. Work contract for highly qualified employment, with duration of no less than one year, earning an annual salary of, at least, 1,5 times the gross national medium salary, and in the cases pursuant Article 61-A, paragraph 2, of, at least 1,2 times the gross national medium salary
  9. Registration at the Social Security
  10. For unregulated professions, documents attesting the relevant higher professional qualifications in the occupation or sector specified in the work contract or in the binding job offer
  11. For regulated profession specified in the work contract or binding job, documents attesting professional certification, where applicable.

Notes : The application for an EU blue card must be submitted by the national of a third state or by his/ her employers. In any event, the foreign citizen shall be present for the collection of biometrics.
To submit the request, the applicant must go to the direction or regional branch of Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF) of his/ her area of residence.
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