Real Estate Management

Property management services

Leasing your property, allows you to maintain your property and withdraw an income from it.

The leased property represents an investment whose profitability is monthly, if the property is vacant, represents only an expense.

Leaving the property vacant has several drawbacks, there is a risk that the property will degrade and depreciate over time, involving several expenses, for example condominium and taxes, with no income counterparts.

The income earned may cover part or all of the expenses incurred in the credit taken to purchase the property, and may also cover conservation expenses, avoiding depreciation due to lack of maintenance.

They are deductible from property income (rent), maintenance and conservation expenses, condominium expenses and IMI.

Deliver the management of your leases to a professional, getting rid of all the worries related to the conclusion of the contract and with the monitoring of all the problems that may arise during the validity of the contract.


  1. Selection of tenants.
  2. The signing of the lease agreement and its registration.
  3. Collection of rent and deposit into the owner’s account
  4. Updating of incomes.
  5. Insurance management.
  6. Management of works and repairs.
  7. Treatment of tenant complaints or claims.
  8. Representation of the owner in the assemblies of condominiums.
  9. Surveys to the state of conservation of the property at the end of the lease contract or in case of termination.
  10. Alteration of contracts for water, electricity and gas.

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