Document Search

Document Search in Portugal

The document search is a oftenly requested service. Usually clients search their relatives birth certificate or marriage certificate to build the geneology lines and be able to apply for the citizenship. It is common with third generation descendants of Portuguese born Citizens. Also, divorce orders; criminal records – demanded for job purposes or to apply for visas; Death certificates for inheritance purposes; Academic documents for job purposes.

What documents can we search?

Birth Records, Marriage records, Death Certificates, Academic Documents, Divorce order and others.

What services does the office provide?

The office is able to perform search, obain your document, translate it, make the Apostille or Legalized on the Consulate.

Does the office needs the original documents to perform the task?

If you don’t have a copy of the document you need, we will need the best possible references you can get. For example, on a birth certificate, we will need full name of the newborn, parents, place of birth and date of birth.

What are the fees associated with the service?

There is a fee for the Search that is related with time it takes to get the result.

There is a fee for the Search that is related with time it takes to get the result.

The turnaround time is aproximalty 3 weeks.

How are the documents returned? Is it safe?

It is used a courier service with tracking capability, so we can be sure important documents are not lost.

The process works in three simple steps.

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  1. Questionnaire

    Answer a few questions by email regarding the type of documents, if possible scan it and let us know the country of destination.
  2. Review and Consultation

    We will review your query and check if the service can be done. You will be invited to send the documents.
  3. Receive Completed Package

    Your completed case will be delivered to you to the provided address.